ResMed HumidX™ Plus Waterless Humidifier (6-Pack) |

ResMed HumidX™ Plus Waterless Humidifier (6-Pack)

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HumidX™ Plus Waterless Humidifier (6-Pack)

HumidX™ (Plus) takes portable humidification to a whole new level. Exclusive to AirMini™, HumidX™ (Plus) is a small heat and moisture exchangers (HME) that is designed to provide comfortable and effective humidification.

HumidX™ - Humidification system optimized for dry and high altitude environments where humidity levels are low, e.g., aircraft.

How HumidX™ Works

When patients exhale, heat and moisture is captured and stored within the HME’s tiny paper ridges. When they inhale, this heat and moisture is released to humidify the air they breathe in.


  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • No washing required
  • Available in 3 pack or 6 pack sets
  • Usable for up to 30 days after opening
Insurance Code(s) E1399
MSRP $59.00