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GCE Zen-O Lite Portable Oxygen Concentrator 8-Cell Battery

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Zen-O Lite 8-Cell Battery

The Zen-O 8-cell battery makes the Zen-O Lite oxygen concentrator truly mobile, powering up to 4 hours of cordless oxygen therapy. The lithium-ion design fully integrates into the Zen-O Lite concentrator, which can house two battery packs and double the cordless duration for up to 8 hours. Get the most out of your Zen-O Lite by purchasing a secondary or backup 8-cell battery today at Oxygen Direct.

The 8-cell lithium-ion Zen-O Lite battery is easily interchanged between the Zen-O Lite’s two battery docks. Savvy patients can have their machine loaded with dual batteries, along with spares for extra time away from home or the charging plug. And when they do find themselves next to a cord, they can full recharge battery in 3 hours when Zen-O is plugged in with its built-in AC power supply. The Zen-) Lite also utilizes a mobile DC charger, turning any 12V plug into a mobile lifeline for portable oxygen therapy.

Oxygen patients don’t have to settle for the old shut-in expectations of oxygen therapy thanks to the Zen-O Lite oxygen concentrator with its lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Take control of your O2 therapy by purchasing extra 8-cell Zen-O Lite batteries from Oxygen Direct.

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