CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator (Two 8-cell Batteries) |

CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator (Two 8-cell Batteries)

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CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator (Two 8-cell Batteries)

PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED Prescription must be received within 48 hours from the time of your order, or your order may be canceled - Due to health concerns, this product is not eligible for returns.

An extremely lightweight and wearable oxygen solution.

The CAIRE Freestyle Comfort is a top-rated wearable portable oxygen concentrator that weighs under 6 pounds and features an ergonomic design that rests naturally against the curves of your body, making it comfortable to wear while out and about. The unit also features a simple, one-touch operation with a color user interface, long lasting battery and utilizes UltraSense sensitive breath detection technology that ensures oxygen is being delivered to you when you need it.


OxygenDirect offers four different power solutions for the CAIRE Freestyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator:

FEATURES: CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator (Two 8-cell Batteries)

Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-read user Interface
  • UltraSense technology automatically calibrates oxygen level
  • Alarms/alerts for various issues (No breath detected/breathing rate exceeded, low concentration, low battery, battery temp, and more)

Take it Anywhere

  • Lightweight at only 5 pounds
  • Ergonomic, curved design
  • FAA Approved for onboard/in-flight usage
  • The machine’s sound level is a soft 43 decibels, so you can use it with confidence whether at home, in a restaurant, or at church.


  • Five pulse setting choices deliver up to 1050 mL/min of oxygen
  • CAIREView Telehealth Technology
  • Fully functional on AC or DC power

Generous Warranty

  • Three-year warranty
  • The only unit on the market with a warranty on sieve beds, a benefit that could save you hundreds of dollars
  • There is also a 1-year of warranty for the battery and power

The FreeStyle Comfort brings usability and convenience to a new level. A single button push starts the device, and it takes less than 2 minutes to start delivering oxygen. Powered by UltraSense technology, the compressor adjusts the oxygen bolus to match your breathing rate automatically. Whether you are at rest, exercising, or sleeping, the unit provides your oxygen requirements, and ensures that oxygen is provided at the very start of your breath when your body uses oxygen more efficiently.

IN THE BOX: CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Portable Concentrator (Two 8-cell Batteries)

  • Freestyle Comfort unit
  • Two 8-cell batteries
  • AC power supply with power cord
  • DC power supply (vehicle power cord)
  • Carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • Cannula
  • User manual


CAIRE is a globally recognized brand in oxygen therapy devices. For patients who require a continuous flow device, they also offer the CAIRE AirSep NewLife Intensity and CAIRE Companion 5 ECO Oxygen Concentrator.


Insurance Code(s)

  • E1390, E1392


  • $2,895.00


  • 3 years

Mode of Operation

  • Pulse Dose

Min O2 Output

  • 210 mL/min

Max O2 Output

  • 1050 mL/min


  • Setting 1 = 210 mL/min
  • Setting 2 = 420 mL/min
  • Setting 3 = 630 mL/min
  • Setting 4 = 840 mL/min
  • Setting 5 = 1050 mL/min

Oxygen Purity

  • 87% - 95.5%


  • 5lbs (Unit plus one 8-cell battery)


  • 7.3”W x 3.1D” x 10”H

FAA Approved

  • Yes

Noise Level

  • ~ 43 decibels at setting 2

Battery Duration (8-cell battery)

  • Setting 1 = 8 hours average
  • Setting 2 = 4 hours average
  • Setting 3 = 3 hours average
  • Setting 4 = 2.25 hours average
  • Setting 5 = 2 hours average

Battery Charge Time (8-cell battery)

  • About 3.5 hours using AC or DC power
  • The battery recharges anytime it is installed and the concentrator is connected to an external AC or DC power source.

Electrical Requirements

  • AC Power: 100–240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Insurance Code(s) E1390
Weight With 8-Cell Battery - 5lbs
Warranty on Sieve Beds 1 year
Warranty on Unit 3 years
FAA Approved Yes
Maximum Oxygen Output 1050 mL/min
Noise Level Around 43 decibels at a setting of
Altitude: -1250 to 10,000 feet
Outlet Pressure <30 PSI
Oxygen Concentration 90% (+5.5% / -3%)
Power Consumption AC Power: 100–240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Dimensions 8-Cell Battery: 7.3" x 3.1" x 10"
Battery Charging Time 8-Cell Battery: About 3.5 hours with the use of AC or DC power
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